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Time to Kick Start Your Summer

– Four weeks of classes w/ free uniform ($30) for just $49!
 Are you looking for a fun, dynamic, and empowering activity? Serving more than 20 years in Simi Valley, we have the system, curriculum, and well-trained staff to accommodate complete beginners to a high-level student who aspires to become world-class athletes. Please call us; 805-431-1041 to make an appointment for the facility tour.


Social Distanced Training Program

Social Distance Training Program  Classes (2 per week) + Private (1 per week)

Limited Introductory Program ($29 w/free uniform)
– for new members only –

Enroll Now!
Limited Spaces!


Back To School Special


Two weeks of classes w/ free uniform ($30) for just $29!

(Offer expires on Sept. 30, 2021, & valid only for the new members)


Private Lesson

Join us today for a private lesson!

$75 per hour value
$500 for 10 lessons
$900 for 20 lessons