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American Martial Arts Academy(AMAA) was founded in 1998, and since then, we have grown to be the largest martial arts school in Simi Valley. Academy founder, Master Derrick Kwak and our team of professional instructors and dedicated staff are committed to providing a safe, family friendly, yet dynamic and empowering self-defense program for you and your children.

AMAA offers a comprehensive curriculum based on traditional martial arts of Taekwondo, Judo, Ground Grappling & Hapkido. Our core curriculum, Taekwondo, the world's most popular martial art, is great for developing a physical, mental and philosophical foundation. To go along with Taekwondo's striking, we introduce Judo take-downs, ground grappling, and Hapkido's self-defense techniques. Our philosophy is to practice and provide excellent martial arts in an eastern tradition of respect, discipline and humility.

AMAA offers more than just general martial arts lessons. For few talented and dedicated athletes, we offer exciting sport competition opportunities with our Olympic Sparring Team and Demonstration Team that travels and competes nationally.

What makes AMAA truly unique is that we are complete cultural center with an after school program, music lessons, and more.

American Martial Arts Academy was established in 1999. In our first year, we had 40 members. Since than, AMAA grew 10 folds and became the largest martial arts school and afterschool program provider in California. AMAA is more than just a karate studio. It is a complete culture center and learning sanctunary where our members can learn variety of martial arts, language classes, piano, guitar and others. Here is how we are setting ourselves apart from others.

World Class Facility

Our studio is a 25,000 square foot facility with a large main training floor with open, clean and comfortable view sections for our parents. We also have a separate, world class matted and padded grappling room for our grappling arts and private lessons. Our afterschool tutorial classrooms are well furnished, clean and spacious.

Team of Instructors

Our team of professional instructors are certified and highly trained with years of experience. Headed by Master Derrick Kwak, the founder of AMAA, our instructors work hard to bring our wealth of experience and knowledge to our students. Our dedicated instructors will help each and everyone realize their full potential in martial arts. Our instructors are world class athletes and professional teachers who are dedicated to art and craft of the martial arts. All our instructors are certified by our governing body (WTF & Kukkiwon). We go through rigorous instructor training in order to be better teachers and we take our job with an intense commitment toward professionalism.

Instruction with High Integrity

We work hard to maintain and provide high quality instruction for our students by maintaining a low student teacher ratio. Our ratio for beginners is less than 7 to 1 and we believe in providing the most personalized instruction for our members. We also offer private lessons for those that want to excel at a rapid and advanced pace. All our lessons are carefully designed and tested over time to be age and skill level specific so everyone can learn our comprehensive curriculum progressively and safely. We have yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly lesson plans organized so our students have a clear idea of what to expect in class. We believe in having a strong structure. Having organization and a system of training is important for delivering consistent results.

Quality of Instruction

We present traditional martial arts using systematic and scientific methods in a fun, dynamic workout format. Our top priority is to give top notch self-defense classes. While we are committed to maintain integrity and instill details of our art, we also try to make the workout fun, dynamic and engaging. Members will feel challenged, excited and relieved from stress after each and every class they take.

Variety of Programs

We offer a comprehensive self-defense program that consists of Taekwondo, Judo, Ground Grappling & Hapkido. By the time a member becomes a black belt, they will be well versed in all aspects of martial arts; stand up, take downs and ground fighting. For children under 7 years old, we offer our Tiny Warrior program which is designed specifically for their age group. For talented and dedicated athletes, we offer exciting sport competition opportunities with our Olympic Sparring Team and Demonstration Team that travels and competes nationally. Our training system has generated National Junior Olympic Champions and highly skilled competitors. We also offer submission grappling classes on weekends. For busy working parents, we also offer the most successful afterschool tutorial program in the area.

Positive People and Positive Environment

We believe we can practice high level martial arts and train our students to be tough without becoming callous or mean spirited. To go along with high level techniques, we believe in instilling positive values and humanity in our students. We believe good characteristics are essential for success in life and we want our students to be the champion in the ring and in life. This is a true value of traditional martial arts with emphasis on character building. We express and practice our ideas with following five tenets,

1. Loyalty
2. Respect
3. Self-Control
4. Responsibility
5. Humility

Tradition is a more of mindset than following rituals and set routines, it is more than just wearing a uniform. We believe in the tradition of respect, discipline and desire to achieve excellence. Our ultimate goal is to practice and teach top notch martial artists in a systematic and scientific way within a positive environment.

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